Apr 3, 2010

Pop Top Can

This was SOOO much fun to do. I've seen tons of posts on the cricut message board and other websites, so I decided to try one for myself. They are sooo easy and sooo fun!  I made this for my BFF for her birthday and filled it with office goodies -- pictured below. I also made the binder clips that are pictured.
Top View
Finished with vinyl

Inside Contents

Want to know how to make your own??

  1. Take a can with a pop top lid -- I used a pear can -- and use a safety can open to open the bottom.
  2. Empty out the contents, wash the can and lid and peel the label..  Allow to dry
  3. Cut paper to fit around the outside of the can.  Glue or tape.
  4. Decorate the outside of the can.  I used vinyl to put her name on it. You can use rhinestones, stickers, ribbon, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!
  5. Decorate the lid.  I traced a piece of paper to fit on the lid, leaving room for the tab.  Then I decorated with ribbon and a tag that says "pull"
  6. Fill the inside with goodies.
  7. Use superglue (be careful not to glue your fingers like I did) and adhere the bottom.  Allow to try.
  8. Give to recipient!!
For the binder clips -- I just cut soem paper to size of the clip, then modge podged on. EASY!!!


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